The Glass Castle Food Studio is the brainchild of Barteldt Bakker, a food-loving entrepreneur who thrives on tackling new and exciting ventures. An eternal dreamer and optimist, Barteldt thought having a castle does not have to be a far-fetched illusion; instead, with hard work and sacrifice it could become an awe-inspiring, tangible reality. And because no challenge is too great for Barteldt, he inspires our team to give our best in everything we do.

At De Velde restaurant, this means a blissful food experience that focuses on togetherness and being sociable with family and friends over an excellent, healthy meal. This is food with heart, and we’ve laid the table for you with love. You’ll taste it in every bite and feel it in every moment spent here.

The art of hand crafted, farm fresh meals.

The menu is seasonal to take advantage of the abundance of assorted produce at different times and to ensure constant freshness and variety. De Velde also explores diverse tastes from around the world with differently themed evenings, so your taste buds are forever stimulated afresh.



Our Team

A dynamic team, experienced & warm ensures atmosphere of well-being and of authenticity.

Sensitive to proximity, to tradition, to the values ​​of
terroir, the masters of the place are inventing a new
generation of Contemporary Brasserie. Living with
times, and welcoming customers as in a family